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Ms. Bertha has been making high fashion hats and women's accessories for more than 40 years. She has also dedicated many years to teach these skills to others.

Her creative flare has charmed not only her friends and fellow church members, but has caught the eye of the media and several celebrates.

  • How do I use this Website?
  • Can I order Hats from this Website?
  • Are the Hats Guaranteed?
  • Is it OK to visit Ms. Bertha before buying?
  • Does Ms. Bertha have a Brand?





    How do I get around this Website?

    Roll mouse over home page to find "click-able" areas. If an area lights up green, that area is click-able for more information.

    Up to sixty four different hats are available for more detailed view by clicking on the highlighted hat number.  

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    Can I order Hats from this Website?

    Actually, you can by calling Ms. Bertha at her home and giving her your Credit card, or sending her a check. But the best way to purchase her fabulous hats is to either visit her at her Oakland Home, or visit with her in person at one of the many trade shows she attends.  

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    Are the Hats Guaranteed?

    Of course! If you are dissappointed with your hat you may return it within one week of purchase in exchange for another hat. Please call Ms. Bertha before returning any murchandise to her.


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    Is it OK to visit Ms. Bertha before buying?

    Yes, in fact we're sure that if you visit Ms. Bertha's collection you will want to buy more than one Fabulous Hat. Call her at her home for an appointment. (510) 534-7918.  

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    Does Ms. Bertha have a Brand?

    In a word no! However if you are looking for Distinctive Custom Millinery and you want to be noticed in a crowd. Get a hat from Ms. Bertha.  

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